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We invite you to share your career experiences to help inspire young people for careers in SETT.  The following questionnaire is based on a survey of over 300 grade nine and ten students, and reflects the kind of information they are interested in knowing.  

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1. First Name:*(required)
2. Last Name:*(required)
3. Gender:
4. What is your occupation? Please classify your job as Science, Engineering, Trades or Technology.
5. Where do you work? Please provide a brief overview of your employer/company.
6. How long have you been doing this particular job?
7. How did you find this job?
8. Is this the first job that you have had after high school?
9. If no, please provide a brief summary of your career path.
10. Is your present job the one that you wanted to do when you were in high school?
11. If no, explain how you were inspired to get this job.
12. Education: High School - Where? Number of years?
13. Apprenticeship - What, Where, Number of years to complete?
14. College - What, Where? Number of years to complete?
15. University Bachelors Degree - What, Where? Number of years to complete?
16. University Masters Degree - What, Where? Number of years to complete?
17. University PhD - What, Where? Number of years to complete?
18. What were your grades like in school?
19. Did you need special high school courses to get into your post-secondary training?
20. Why did you to choose this schooling?
21. For your present occupation/education, please estimate the salary for someone:
Salary After graduation:
22. ...Salary after 5 years experience:
23. ...Salary after 10 years experience:
24. Do you have benefits with your job (example health, dental)?
25. ...If so, please describe your benefits.
26. What hours do you work?
27. How many weeks vacation do you get per year?
28. Rate your job satisfaction.
29. What is the best part about this job, and can it be fun? Explain
30. What is the most unpleasant part about this job? Explain
31. Do you think that there will be a steady demand for people in this job?
32. Do you need any language other than english to do your job?
33. ...If so, which languages do you need?
34. Can you speak more than one language?
35. ...If yes, what are your other langauges and do these help you with your job?
36. Are you willing to submit a photograph?
37. If you could, would you change jobs?
38. ...If yes, what would you choose and why?
39. What makes you want to get up every morning and go to work? Explain.
40. What do you like to do when you are not working?
41. If your schooling or work was away from your family, what was/is this like?
42. Do you like where you live?
43. ...Why
44. Would a bigger city like Toronto be better?
45. ...Why
46. Do you consider your career choice to be permanent?
47. ...Why
48. Any advice to high school students?
49. What do you do at your job on a regular day?
50. What are your work conditions?
51. Do you get additional training through your job?
52. ...If Yes, what type?
53. Is your job repetitive?
54. ...If yes, how do you deal with this?
55. What is the risk of injury at your job?
56. Describe if necessary
57. Have you been hurt at work?
58. Is your job risky financially? Explain.
59. Do you work with people? Describe.
60. Does your job require you to manage your own schedule? Explain.
61. Do you manage finances with your job? Explain.
62. Can it be stressful to work where you are? Explain.
63. Do you have to travel away from home to do this job?
64. ...If yes, explain what this is like.
65. (For Female Participants Only) Please check the box if you would be willing to be an email mentor?
66. Contact Info:
Home Address

67. Home Phone*(required)
68. Work Address
69. Work Phone
70. Email*(required)

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